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we are reaching the end...

today was a marvelous day.

we went to Pismo beach with katie and her friend zack(?) and spent nearly 6 hours being pummeled by the ocean and beat upon by the sun. it was amazing. i have fallen completely in love with california and i feel that todd would say the same. we also ate at an in-n-out burger which makes us very cool. the beach was amazing. the water was cold but the air was so hot that it felt amazing. the sand was like walking on baking powder (that's 100 degrees) and we even got gelato on the pier. a wonderfully stereotypical california day.

then tonight we saw urinetown. it. was. amazing. i mean, no little mermaid but pretty freakin great. i even got to hold officer lockstock's water bottle during a number! that show is so hilarious and brilliant, i can't imagine how BCC got it wrong.

it's been wonderful to see katie. she seems to be getting along very well here. it was great to see jessilee too. it's really just great to see that wherever you go theatre people are welcoming and high spirited. it makes one very hopeful about the future.

so tomorrow we head out on the final leg of our journey. most likely we will only have one more night on the road. so, get ready bellingham, we're coming back, sun burned and ready to tell you our adventures!


a brief update!

we got to see jessilee for a bit in utah but she was busy most of the time. saw "lend me a tenor: the musical" (ehhh) and shakespeare writing about war (awesome) and then hit the road again today. we did a lot of driving. a lot. california is full of mountains. we also saw the worlds tallest thermometer. it said it was 110 degrees. that is too hot.

so now we are with miss mack! beach tomorrow, and urinetown which i have never seen and todd has only heard so that should be really fun.

more later, details etc, when it's not so late! 

Day 2 in Denver- The Big Day

Ah, sleeping in.  It has been something both Charlotte and I missed for the past two days with all the driving we had to do, but today we took full advantage of hotel beds.  We took our time getting up and getting dressed, but when we did we were ready to attack Denver head-on!  And we did, starting at the Capitol building- standing exactly one mile above sea level.  This was followed by more exploring and then eating.

But not just eating, but eating at the Hard Rock Cafe- on stage no less- surrounded by some great rock n' roll memorabilia.  Lunch was followed by shopping.  Then back to the hotel for relaxing and spiffing up for the evening. 

Dinner was at Earl's Restaurant, which was slightly swanky.  Following that was our walk to the Elie Caulkens Opera House at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Which is a very large, very nice theater.  After making our purchases at the souvenir stand, we made our way to the seats- front row, center.  Our knees literally bumped up against the wall of the orchestra pit. 

Watching the show:  AMAZING.  And so much fun.  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  So much color, so much spectacle, so much fun!  I was literally speechless at intermission- Charlotte can attest to it.  The costumes, amazing.  The lighting, amazing.  The acting, superb!  It was so much fun to watch- Charlotte and I had smiles on our faces the entire time.  Afterwards we were so jacked up that it had just happened.  All that planning, all that money spent, all that time in the car- all of it, totally worth it.  It was amazing and I am so glad that we were able to see it here and now.

After the show we waited at the stage door for the actors to come out.  As they did we told them how much we enjoyed the show and had them sign our posters.  And we got pictures with most of them.  But not only did we recognize them from the stage, a few of them recognized us from the front row.  One of the seagulls from the show wasn't going to sign autographs, but was walking away when he noticed Charlotte and came up to us and told us that he watched her the whole show because she was so much fun to watch.  If that wasn't cool enough- he wasn't the only one.  The actor playing Flotsam (our favorite from the show) recognized us too!  And a couple others also mentioned that they recognized us from the audience. 

Sherie Rene Scott was not one of those who recognized us, but when we mentioned we drove 20 hours from Seattle to see the show, she turned to me and told me to "Shut up!"  It was too bad she wasn't letting people take pictures with her, but she did sign our posters.  And then the moment we had been waiting for Sierra Boggess (Ariel) came out!  We got our pictures with her and her autographs and she was really sweet.

And that was the end of the evening.  The actors were all gone.  Our autographs were gotten- unfortunately not from everyone...  but what can you do?

It was so much fun- Charlotte and I practically skipped back to the hotel just giddy from the whole experience. 

So much fun.  It isn't everyday you get to be six again.  Today was one of those days.

ta da!

and now, after two days of waiting, here is your first offical road trip update:

monday: road trip started off well, we left around 9 am from bellingham and headed south and east across the mountains. one stop in yakima to fill up on miner's burgers and then all the way through all of the eastern washington one person could ever handle in to oregon (someone else pumped our gas...) and then on to idaho. since there was a lunar eclipse last night we entertained the idea of just powering through and camping in wyoming that night to watch the eclipse, but by the time we got to twin falls we were both so tired that it was a much better idea to stop there. the moon was so amazingly gorgeous over the hills in idaho though, nearly as bright as the sun. so we arrived around midnight and hit the sack. todd's cousin is really nice and her kids are freaking adorable. 

tuesday: we left there this morning at about 8 and headed out towards utah and wyoming. not much to report there... utah has amazing mountains, things i have never seen before. along the way we picked up an unfortunate hitchhiker. a young, foolish dragonfly went out flying after one too many drinks and wrapped his little body right around my antenna. it was gross. we named him jeremy and i drew a memorial picture. he stayed with us until wyoming. also, outisde ogden, todd was driving along a road under construction when a truck not but 2 cars ahead of us had a tire explode!! it was crazy. and loud. and we were both rather startled. but hey, that's such a cool story, right? aaaaand then wyoming happened. it was pretty for a while. and then it never changed. ever. there is this one creepy hotel, well two technically, called "little america" and i think that all of the roads in wyoming are plastered in their advertisements. it's like a cult. with 50 cent ice cream cones. we stopped at a couple rest stops and then once in laramie. that place, even without any attention to the past, is one of the most depressing places in the world. it is one of those places in the world someone could get stuck in for the rest of their lives and never be happy. and then we ran in to a big thunder and lightning storm that was just far enough away to be one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. and then we arrived in colorado! yay! at that point we were both so ready to be out of the car that that part of the trip is sort of a blur.

and now we're here! sitting in the hotel room in denver after a delicious dinner and being more than ready to lay down. our hotel recently switched from being a holiday inn to being a crowne plaza so it's a bit nicer than we were planning on or had to pay for, so that's kind of amazing.

i am sure todd will have things to add to this, but those are our adventures so far. more tomorrow after LITTLE MERMAID!!

oh goodness! i forgot an important adventure! so, we're on our way to idaho along I 84 and BAM! huge accident! everyone had to leave the road and infest the small town of baker city oregon. so, what does one do? well, if you're a nerd, you go right to the library to look up maps to find alternate routes, of course! but, luckily, they cleared up the accident in less than an hour and we headed out again. and then, dun dun dun, we hit the traffic. i ended up turning off my car all the way we were at a dead stop for so long. and that's why we didn't get to idaho until way too late. ta da!

Oh my goodness...

It is here!

Official Itinerary

The official itinerary of

Chartown and Toddville

take america

(revised 8/15/07):


More plans set:  Visiting Macky in Santa Maria, CA. 

So now the full trip is set. 

A quick list:
Twin Falls, ID
Denver, CO
Cedar City, UT
Santa Maria, CA
Redwoods National Forest, CA

And these are just the places we're just staying the night. 

Stay tuned.  We're just two weeks away.


A place to stay

Talked to Jessilee today. We have a place to stay in Cedar City, Utah. And we might even get to see a show at the Utah Shakespearean Festival!

I am SO excited for roadtrip, you have no idea. This vacation is going to be a crapload of fun- no wait, it will actually be a shit-ton of fun.

We are less than three weeks away!!

The most amazing part of all of this is the fact that it is actually happening.  I always feel like I am saying "we should do this" or "that would be fun."  And now that is going to come true.  Chartown and I are really driving to Denver to see this show.  We have the tickets already in hand, we have a hotel booked.  It is happening.  We don't know how long we'll be gone yet, we still need to work out the final details, but that is okay with me- I know it will be an amazing adventure.

The certainties: Driving to Twin Falls and staying with my cousin and her family.  Then Denver for a couple of days.  "The Little Mermaid."  And now Cedar City, UT and Jessilee.  After that, who knows?  We'll sort it out in the coming days. 

oh this is oh so exciting. we are getting closer and closer every day! now it is decision time for the hotel. heck yeah 2 stars! we are riding classy now!

p.s. i saw the tickets. they. are. beautiful.


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